Monday, December 1, 2008

Doha Day 1. (29.11.08)

Saturday 29th: To Doha.
Joy & I were fare-welled by the family- Rachel & Matt, Josiah, Eden, Kyra & Heidi, Rebecca & Georgia, Reuben & Beth- from the airport.

Then a 20 hour flight via Sydney to Dubai & on to Doha. We spent the flight watching movies of varying quality on seat screen format. Discovered that the Nats had pinched their slogan and me-to-policy initiatives from comedy - drama "Swing Voter" where the choice of President relies on the single vote of a traditional enrolled non-voter in backwoods isolationist America. (Even on a plane I discovered a political parable).
Arrived in Doha and met by John Ellis and taken to our apartment in semi-central Doha.. ideal location - right behind the Jarir Bookstore on Salwa Road.

Had settled in- unpacked and sat to recover from the flight when others from the team arrived in from work around 3.00pm.

Were given a quick familiarisation tour of the immediate area so we could find the grocery shop and local supermarket to stock up the kitchen. Then home to prepare for work on Monday... a 6.00am start!


Matt said...

Ug - I knew I had blinked in that photo!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like you two have got a comfortable, if smallish place to live for 7 months. Mind you you experienced small in the UK in the 1990s and it is better than behind the couch in Croydon!! How's the weather? We're having a hot day here today so it was a bit of a killer cycling up the hill after pilates. ..... do the ladies of Qatar do pilates I wonder? Look forward to more on your blog

Papprill said...

I'm extremely envious!! What an amazing experience

The Curmudgeon said...

Hi Joce, Far better accommodation than the back of the coach!!!
When are you getting onto skype? We've rung Dad computer to landline as well as Carl.
Rachel & Becca have also been skyped successfully.We find that 3.00pm NZ time gets us around 6.00am Q time.
Joy is into her painting next week... pilates proved to be a non starter as yet.... no classes available.
She's been doing a lot of walking with another non-teaching wife - Marylyn - from next door.

The Curmudgeon said...

Hi Bec,
Mum is buying up large in the local artist supply store, run by a friendly guy..who gave her a generous discount to encourage her to return.
She's been to the souq by bus with Marylyn - they were impressed when the driver made two local men stand so she and M could sit!!
She's also been "called at" by four young men who admired her.As Marylyn says she can still pull the guys!
We're off exploring today.