Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching Up

October has proven to be a busy month for us in Doha so keeping the blog as regularly as we've done to date has been difficult.
Steve O'Neill - Joy's portrait
Joy has been busy with her preparations for the return of The Doha Darlings and painting a portrait of Steve O'Neill, our "Mr. Organisation" for Cognition while I've had my head down keeping up with the demands of the job at school.
Raymond auctioning Joy's painting
Joy was pleased to find, on the web, a picture of Raymond Huo auctioning one of her paintings at a Chinese community fundraiser for victims of the Samoan tsunami recently. It was good to see her work being used to support a good cause.

Our new school is a MoE one that has been designated an Independent School this year. For this year we're based in the old school site rather than in a new design school building which makes for a more interesting place to work especially as the rooms sprawl over the site rather being concentrated inside a block as we had at MBAW last year.

The staff are all concerned with making the school "the best Independent school in Doha" and, as a consequence, are determined to come to grips with the demands of the Curriculum Standards and reforms as soon as possible. This means that I'm constantly engaged in purposeful discussions and workshops on aspects of implementation and planning most days of the week. It certainly makes for enjoyable and positive work.

Marty delivering PD at ABHSS
Keeping up with the consequent paperwork then consumes a couple of hours each night which means that Joy & I try to cram things into the weekend.

We're off to the Doha Tribeca Film Festival to see Jane Campion's film -Bright Star tonight and then check out the programme to try a fit in another film on Saturday. The idea of leaving a film at 2.00am then heading to work on Sunday at 6.00am doesn't appeal so it will have to be a judicious choice for Saturday night.

Bright Star was Jane Campion back in her favourite period - the 19th century - and her favourite theme - Woman trapped in a situation that doesn't allow her to realise the fullness of her passion. The film was beautifully made, with a meticulous eye for detail throughout, and, in the exploration of the relationship between Keats and Fanny, a slow, relentless revelation of the frustrations, fascinations and passions that the two lovers, trapped in a society that conspired to keep them apart, experienced.

We couldn't help but think that there was a thematic unity that reached back to the rain soaked bush and mud caked film The Piano in Bright Star. The film did keep us fascinated and focused on the couple's doomed relationship.

With luck Joy and I might try to grab another film this Saturday afternoon.

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